The Bound Brazil Philosophy

When people talk about bondage, people usually see visions of leather masked people whipping each other. This is not what love bondage is about at all, in my opinion. Remember as a child watching the kid’s TV shows, with a very attractive heroine being captured and bound helplessly, waiting for rescue by some random hero? If these scenes captured your imagination and that was how you got into bondage, then you already know what I am talking about.

My personal view of love bondage is a captured “damsel in distress”, struggling for freedom for their captor. It is the feeling of being captive (or captor, in my case); that is the turn on. I see it as a harmless game, a bit of fun between two consenting adults.

Of course, as people get more adult, they learn ways to “spice up” their games. Again, as long as everything is consensual, the more the better! Is love bondage dead? I have noticed more of a leaning in individuals towards more sado-masochistic desires. I have talked to a few other doms about this, and they all have noticed this too. So, the question stands...

Is love bondage dead?

I would like to think not, but would be interested to hear your opinion on the subject. Is love bondage sick? Perverted? Obviously, I am going to answer a resounding “no” to this question. I regard bondage as a game. What is the difference between playing a kidnap as an adult, opposed to playing at killing people as a child? In no way would I ever condone the real life kidnap of another person (defending the indefensible), I see nothing wrong with playing a game with two people who enjoy something. Sexuality is sexuality... Nothing is actually the abnormal thing. Pick normality and pick your flavor!

There was a time I was uncomfortable with my kink and tried to deny it. After a while though, as I got older and started to find more out about life and myself, I finally managed to accept this part of me and enjoy it. In the past I have been accused of “not being kinky enough”. A strange comment, but I can see their point. Love bondage is probably a starting point for some, on their way to a full SM relationship. For me though, I would derive no pleasure from really causing serious pain to another individual. A spanking here and there is fine, but I would not really be comfortable going much further than this. What do you think ?

We just like Love Bondage.